Current Fees

Fees for the School Year 2015/2016 are £12,096 per term for a boarding place and £9,072 per term for a day place.

Payment of Fees

Termly fees and additional charges may be paid in one of three ways: under the School's Fees In Advance Scheme; at the beginning of each term by Direct Debit; or under a commercially operated Monthly Direct Debit Scheme. Details of the three schemes are below.

School's Fees In Advance Scheme

Under this scheme, a lump sum is paid which, together with interest, is used to meet fees in whole or part. Every case is dealt with individually, and further details can be obtained on request from Mrs J Daniel, Accountant ( 01732 365555 ). Unless the sum deposited is such that sufficient funds will be available to meet all fees on a termly basis, any outstanding balance, together with any additional charges, will be recovered by Direct Debit on the first day of each term.

Termly Direct Debit

If a Termly Direct Debit Mandate is in force, the total sum shown on the latest bill presented to parents will be deducted from the nominated bank account on the first day of term.

Monthly Direct Debits

These are administered by "School Fee Plan", an independent commercial organisation. A competitive service charge is made, currently amounting to 2.75% of the total to be funded (which will include extras). Each bill is paid over 4 months. For each of the three terms respectively, the first instalment is collected by direct debit on, or very soon after, the 1st September, 1st January and 1st May. Subsequent instalments are collected on the first day of each month thereafter. There is no long-term commitment, since parents can revert to paying in full on the first day of term by Direct Debit at any time, if they so wish. Further details can be given on request to Mrs S Streeter, the Bursar's P.A. on 01732 304298.

In certain specific circumstances, where perhaps fees might be met by an employer or an insurance company direct, and with prior agreement, termly fees may be paid by cheque or by direct bank transfer on or before the first day of term.