With some 1000 users and 600 computers in the school, it is important to provide professional support. The network is based on Cisco technology, known for its reliability, and is fed by a 1GB internet connection.

This enables us to provide a wide range of network services for the school community, a range which is continually expanding. Apart from those services (such as printing) and applications (such as Office software) which are considered as standard on a large school system, we also provide, amongst others:

  • CCTV
  • Telephony
  • Display screens
  • Video storage and streaming
  • Photo archiving 
  • Library services
  • Departmental resources such as 3D printing
  • Learning support software packages
  • Box office management and sports centre member services
  • Wifi access points, with provision for guest login

The ICT support department is well staffed and tries to ensure that all boys and staff are helped to use their computers efficiently and with confidence by responding to a wide variety of problems and requests as quickly as possible, and also by providing training whenever and wherever it is required. Various services are also accessible from outside school using the internet. These are:

The public nature of a network places a duty on all its users to behave responsibly. The Acceptable Use Policy lays down the rules and expectations, and applies to boys using school computers and their own laptops.