We have invested heavily in time and expertise to produce a Parent Portal which is, in many ways, far ahead of most other schools.

It is a major means of school/parent communication. Not only can parents find out almost everything they need to know about the school on a day-to-day basis, the portal is also used for audio and video streaming, trip forms, sports results, parents' evening appointments, weekend leave arrangements and, crucially, individual information regarding sons. This covers exam results, sets and timetables, billing extras, exam timetables and all reports. One parent commented:

"I use the portal all the time; it helps me know what my son is doing before he does!"

Example of the Lift Sharing Map
Example of the Lift Sharing Map

A popular feature is the lift-sharing scheme, whereby parents who have signed up can view an interactive map showing the locations of all other parents in the scheme. Name and phone details are displayed to enable parents to contact each other.

Further external functionality on our intranet allows parents to view details of Parents Arts' Society events and sign into them and even further afield, employers use extranet forms to complete details of work experience placements.