Teaching Spaces

Fully equipped and spacious classrooms and laboratories are essential to creating the right teaching environment and hence Tonbridge has invested a great deal to ensure that all of our boys study in the very best surroundings.

Each academic department has its teaching rooms, resources, and offices gathered in a distinct area, often off wide corridors with display facilities, or in a separate building. Nearly all members of staff have their own teaching room and all departments are generously equipped with audio-visual aids and computers. Classroom accommodation is continually improved and updated; the school’s strategic plan focuses strongly upon the further development of the academic buildings in the coming years.

Our academic facilities include eleven Science laboratories (and further teaching rooms), a Science library, and a Science lecture theatre; a language laboratory and satellite receiving equipment in the Modern Languages Department; a very extensively equipped computing centre; a meteorological station; and, within the Art Department, a photographic darkroom with colour enlargers. The entire school is covered by a computer network, and the overall computer : pupil ratio is very close to 1:1. There are three main elements in the system; the provision of a PC in every classroom (and in many a data projector); the establishment of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), such that any member of staff and any boy can log in to the school's network from home, or from anywhere in the world; and networked computer access in every boarder's study. All boys have an email address, and there is ready access to the Internet, controlled by its restriction to reasonable working hours and the censorship by the most effective web-filtering software.

The school is very well provided with auditoria and lecture theatres with a range of capabilities. The main Theatre Auditorium and Big School both seat 400. The Recital Room, within the music school, and the Cawthorne Lecture Theatre each seat 160, whilst small groups make use of The Vere Hodge Lecture Room (seating for 60) and the Earl Lecture Theatre in the Biology Department (50). There are full facilities for large-screen film and video projection in Big School and the Cawthorne Lecture Theatre. The Vere Hodge lecture theatre has computer display projection and full Dolby pro-logic surround sound.