Pupils' View

Sixth Form Pupil

When I first arrived at Tonbridge I can remember feeling apprehensive but excited by the host of new opportunities that awaited me. Everything seemed so big, but it soon became evident that there were always people around to help. I also made new friends very quickly who I have remained close to over the years. I have found the school to be a very secure and welcoming community with many fantastic things to do. It is difficult to be bored with sports and activities ranging from sub aqua to flying with the CCF.
The lessons are organised into a twelve day timetable which I have found very useful as it means that there is no weekly routine in which to get bogged down. The system also allows prep to be completed in plenty of time, as this too is timetabled; avoiding large amounts of work being piled on in one go. Help is also always available from teachers and housemasters if you get stuck which I have often found useful. This is my favourite time - now I'm in the sixth form - with its greater freedom, more relaxed working pattern and smaller sets. As you move through the school, working relationships with teachers improve to the point where some seem like friends. This new atmosphere allows work to be completed to a high standard, while even leaving time for the occasional piece of friendly banter... always good fun.

Third Year Boy

Those who are lucky enough to be able to go to Tonbridge have the benefit of amazing facilities, superb teaching and excellent opportunities to do extra curricular activities. I think that it is the latter that sets us apart from other schools. Passions ranging from boxercise to bridge and mah-jong to motor racing can all be nurtured here. I myself have been fortunate enough to learn how to fly and do aerobatics (acrobatics in planes in case you were wondering) and also learnt how to play guitar. Many boys are able to pursue Art, Drama and Technology to A level and it is this that allows us to have such brilliant Arts Festivals, School Plays and Open Days. The Arts Festival is coming up and gives many boys not only a chance to miss lessons but to also express themselves through poetry, dance and art and also be able to attend some extremely good plays that are famous up and down the country. The School Play is always very enjoyable and a phenomenal amount of effort goes into it to make it so good. Open Days and Skinners' day, are also very popular and we had a very special CCF day last year. The academic and sporting aspects of Tonbridge are superb, but it is the extra curricular activities that set Tonbridge apart for me.