Coronavirus Latest

Government Advice
For latest Government, NHS and travel advice, we recommend regularly checking the website.

The school continues to take and to follow advice from appropriate agencies including the World Health Organisation, Public Health England, the NHS, the school’s own medical advisers, the Department for Education, the Boarding Schools’ Association and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (for travel).


NHS Assessment Centre being set up at the school - opening soon
Tonbridge is giving over part of the school site to an appointment-only NHS Assessment Centre. The drive-through facility, based in the car park at the Tonbridge School Centre, will be used by NHS workers to assess patients from the Tonbridge Primary Care Network (Warders, Hadlow, Hildenborough Medical Group, Woodlands and Tonbridge Medical Group) for Covid-19 symptoms. 
All patients attending are required to have talked to a GP, or to have telephoned NHS 111, prior to coming to the centre, and this service is by appointment only. Read more. The opening date is still to be confirmed by the NHS.

Update at the end of the Lent Term - 25 March 2020
Teaching staff have continued to deliver learning remotely and to contact their tutees on an individual basis. There has also been creative discussion about the educational programmes we plan to offer next term.  We are pleased to report there has been some fantastic feedback from parents and much appreciation for everyone’s efforts.

Public Examinations: Following the UK Government’s announcement of the cancellation of public examinations this summer, we are awaiting information from Ofqual about the process schools will follow to provide data to contribute to the award of calculated grades at GCSE,
A- level and Pre-U, which will also be based on prior attainment.  

Summer Term Curriculum: As we look ahead to the Summer Term, our plan is to continue teaching boys in their current subjects and classes. We are then looking to advance and enrich the boys’ education across all year groups.  

It is expected that we will establish a new timetable for the week which will focus teaching and learning on five days across Monday to Friday, while also offering co-curricular sessions and activities and, importantly, regular opportunities for pastoral engagement.  We are developing this programme as creatively and thoughtfully as we can.

We are, of course, in regular contact with boys and parents about all of these developments.

Community Support: We are now working closely with the NHS to provide vital support within the Tonbridge area. Further details will become available soon.  


Update on remote learning - 20 March 2020
From Monday 23 March until the end of the term for boys at 1300 on Wednesday 25 March, teaching staff will be delivering remote learning for all year groups, primarily at this stage via Firefly and email, although there will also be some interactive teaching using Microsoft Teams.  Tutors will be contacting their tutees individually to see how they are getting on and to talk through their academic reports. 
In addition, teaching staff will be engaging in collaborative planning for the educational programmes we will be delivering to all year groups throughout the Summer Term. We have already given this considerable thought and there are some exciting and creative proposals we will look forward to sharing with you and your sons in due course. We are also developing ideas to sustain our pastoral care for boys, and to ensure their continued engagement in co-curricular activities.

Further details on exams and grades - 20 March 2020
We learned today that the Government intends to award A-levels, GCSEs and other qualifications by providing students by the end of July with a calculated grade based on teacher assessment and other relevant data, including prior attainment. Whilst there will be an appeals procedure, we are also told that students who do not feel that their calculated grade accurately reflects their performance will be able to sit an exam at the earliest reasonable opportunity when schools re-open, and again in summer 2021.   
We are particularly keen to establish whether A-level and GCSE students will be able to continue to complete non-exam work to contribute meaningfully to the evidence available to their teachers. Ofqual has met this afternoon and will be providing more detailed advice for schools shortly. Whilst we await their guidance, and with the option available of sitting public examinations later this year or next, we would strongly advise our pupils to remain as focused as possible on their current A-level, Pre-U and GCSE courses and to ensure they engage fully with work set by their teachers remotely next week.
It is worth adding that we have also been in touch with UCAS, who have confirmed that all university offers remain valid and that pupils may confirm their choices as soon as they have received responses from all the universities to which they have applied. We will continue to keep parents and pupils informed of any developments.

Further details from the Department for Education on arrangements for exams can be found here.

Update following Government announcement - 18 March 2020
The Government has announced today that all schools in the UK will close on Friday (20 March) until further notice. The duration of school closures is uncertain, but the Prime Minister has said he wants to keep it to an "absolute minimum".

In light of this, the school will close on Friday after Period 7 at 16.15, following which boys may either travel home or be collected. Boarders can, of course, remain at the school until they are collected on Saturday (or shortly thereafter).  

The school is planning to continue with its programme of remote learning next week, between Monday 23 and Wednesday 25 March. 

The Government has also announced today that public examinations (GCSE, Pre-U and A-levels) will not take place in May and June 2020. The school will provide further guidance on this issue as soon as it is able to. 

Tonbridge's Headmaster, James Priory, assures parents, boys and staff of the school's continued focus on providing the best possible education for its students in these difficult times.

Important New Developments - 17 March 2020
Each academic and support department in the school has made arrangements to maintain, as far as possible, a functioning educational and work environment, including academic staff providing education remotely.  In addition, the school has now decided:

  • To cancel all school trips (including those in the UK) during the Easter Holidays.
  • To close the EMF Theatre for 8 weeks.
  • To cancel events and activities planned on site for the Easter Holidays.
  • To keep the TSC open for the time being (in line with other leisure facilities), but keep the situation under review.

School events
In the light of national guidelines, and in the interests of safeguarding pupils and the wider Tonbridge School community, it has been necessary to cancel or postpone many events in recent weeks.

In common with a growing number of other schools we have decided to cancel block fixtures in sport until further notice.

Chapel services
We have taken the decision to suspend whole school chapel services until the end of the Lent Term, in order to minimise the risk of infection within the school community.

School trips
It has been necessary to cancel all upcoming school trips, including those in the UK, until further notice.

EM Forster Theatre
The Theatre is closed until further notice. See website for more details.

Tonbridge School Centre
The TSC is closed until further notice. See website for more details.