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Working with Schools

Visiting students from local girls' school sat discussing a large piece of digital Art in OBS Gallery


Why visit?

It’s an opportunity to see a very high standard of contemporary and modern art on your doorstep and it’s free! 

To help you discover more about the exhibits there are events and resources that accompany each exhibition. These explore the ideas and processes behind the work and include films which feature interviews with the artists and curator, printed catalogues and talks by the artists or art historians.


Why Bring Your Class?

Visiting an exhibition at OBS Gallery enables students to see works of art ‘in the flesh.’ This can help them to understand and appreciate the materials used in the making of an artwork, which isn’t always possible when looking at a reproduction in a book or on a screen. This can not only inspire students to try out new materials and processes in their own work, but also to gain new ideas for ways of working in those that are already familiar. 

Students can develop their ability to analyse and discuss art and enhance their critical art vocabulary. Our Gallery Educator has experience of working with a wide range of age groups within both primary and secondary schools. She can give students an insight into the artists’ ideas and processes, and also help them to share their own responses.

Many of the exhibitions explore ideas that go beyond what has traditionally been thought of as the realm of art. The programme to date has included artwork that references politics, economics, maths, geography, ecology, biology, physics and computing!  These ideas can be explored in discussion with our Gallery Educator. We have often had visits from 2 different departments from the same school, both exploring the same subject from different perspectives. All of the exhibitions can be used to inspire students to make work in response to what they see, and can be used to develop their writing skills too.

And of course, visiting an exhibition at OBS Gallery will broaden students’ knowledge of art and artists. Most of the exhibitions include a range of artists who work in different media or some showcase a variety of approaches in the same media. Students can develop their knowledge of some of the more well known artists that are featured and also discover some that are new.

We hope your visit to OBS Gallery inspires your students to create their own work!


What Teachers Say

“Not just a gallery but a creative and interactive classroom.”

“A gallery which makes art accessible to kids through open space, excellent art educators and welcoming child friendly atmosphere.”

- Rose Hill School

“The children love coming to the gallery and our visits are always anticipated with excitement. Their artistic responses to the work they see on our visits always amazes me, leading to very creative and engaging artworks and projects.”

- Rose Hill School

What Students Say

“A complimentary selection of interesting work which has inspired our class.

- U6 Student, TWGGS

“I love meeting up with my friends at the exhibition openings and seeing all the amazing work!”

- Mia, Slade Primary School

“The exhibition really helped tie together a lot of my own work - great research facility.

- Phoebe, Hill View

“Really interesting work that has given me a variety of ideas for my future outcomes.”

- Jasmine

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Plan Your Visit

Bring some friends, bring a school group, make some time for yourself. We open weekends 12-4pm, and weekdays by appointment. Find out more.

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OBS Gallery forms part of the vibrant cultural scene at Tonbridge School. Discover more in our Arts Brochure.  

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