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Adam Walton

WW 2008-2013

The school is outstanding in so many ways, but for me its greatest strength is preparing us for for life beyond its borders. It arms you with a confidence and drive to succeed.

As I sat down to take my scholarship exams back in 2006 (in what was then the Divinity block, and what is now the foyer of the splendid new library) I had no idea how profoundly rewarding the step I was taking would ultimately be. As the recipient of a generous bursary, I received an education for which I am immensely grateful, and the benefits of which I feel to this day.
At Tonbridge, academia does not stop at learning the syllabus and finishing with three decent A-levels. Rather, it is a pursuit engaged with rigour and with spirit: not only do the teaching staff excel in their respective fields, their lessons are imbued with a passion for their subject that is not bound by AQA nor Edexcel. They taught me to think, to learn, and to question. 
Adam is now a consultant in digital strategy and events management, specialising in the charity sector.


  • (WW 2008-2013)