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Alfred Adeoye

HS 2005-2010

One of the key things that I learnt from my time at Tonbridge was the importance of social responsibility, in part due to being a recipient of the Foundation Award but also through the Wednesday afternoon Community Service Programme.

After leaving Tonbridge, I went on to read Economics at Girton College, Cambridge where I was involved in working with the Sutton Trust by giving talks at schools in Tower Hamlets and helping to run a Summer School in Cambridge. Our aims were to de-mystify the Cambridge experience and help school children, typically from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, to see applying to Cambridge as a viable and attainable option for them.
This is a cause that I’ve continued to be involved over the last few years working in London. I'm also involved with the EY Foundation, where I’ve been able to champion a programme that sends first year graduates to schools around London to run sessions to de-mystify university and working life.
Alfred is a risk management consultant at EY and involved at the forefront in shaping how the banking sector will operate over the coming years.
  • (HS 2005-2010)