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Josh Cronin

HS 2010-2015

I think that this level of varied education should be available to everyone, not just those that can afford it. It is vital that this incredible support is continued and developed at Tonbridge.

I am continually grateful for the blessings and opportunities that the award of a Foundation scholarship has granted me during my five years at Tonbridge School. I realise that many of the opportunities and experiences I have had would not have been possible were I not a Foundation scholar. For that I am indebted to the benefactors of the Foundation and the school.

If I had to pick out one of the opportunities that shaped me in some way, it would be my four years as a cadet in the CCF. I realise now that I am a lot more confident in the face of unexpected change, thereby having to improvise and plan quickly. I think this came out of the many command tasks we would do. I also am a lot more comfortable and less prone to nerves when I make presentations or lead groups as often happens as part of my academic work at university. I would put this down to the time spent training younger cadets and leading drill practice. I would strongly encourage any current Tonbridgian to complete the four years as a cadet.

Josh is in his third year of the MEng Aerospace Engineering course at the University of Bristol.
  • (HS 2010-2015)