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Jude Lenier

WW 2009-2014

I was only able to attend Tonbridge because of my Foundation Award. I think my time there meant more to me as I wouldn’t have had that opportunity under normal circumstances. I’m sure that I tried to make my time there mean more as a result.

There were many advantages of being at Tonbridge. The smaller student population and class sizes made it easier to find help from a teacher or house master if I needed it. And the excellent facilities (especially the library) meant I could take advantage of the schools’ resources to work on my own projects.

Tonbridge’s real strength is the teaching. In any school I would have been able to make friends, pass exams and ‘get through’ my school years. However, there are very few in which I would have had as much access to teachers, experts in their fields who encouraged us all to study beyond what they taught in class. I don’t know if I would have been able to go on to Oxford and study my dream course in PPE without the help and support of my teachers. I highly doubt it. Even if I had not been thankful for anything else, I’d be grateful to Tonbridge for giving me the ambition and education to shoot for that goal.

Jude is currently working in the reinsurance sector, training to be an underwriter, but his eventual ambition is to go into politics to promote a more evidence-based approach to governance.
  • (WW 2009-2014)