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CCF Inspection Day welcomes Chaplain of the Fleet and Army Band Tidworth

Tonbridge's CCF Inspection Day 2024

A total of 200 Tonbridge cadets took part in the School’s annual CCF Inspection Day on Wednesday 13 March.

This year’s event, a parade led by the Naval Section and attended by parents, staff and friends, welcomed The Venerable Andrew Hillier KHC RN, Royal Navy Chaplain of the Fleet, as Inspecting Officer.

Andrew completed two tours in Afghanistan, in 2008 and 2010, and has also served as Chaplain on the aircraft carrier and Navy Flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth. He was made a Queen's Honorary Chaplain in 2019, and became a King's Honorary Chaplain in 2023.

Guests on Inspection Day included representatives of HMS Excellent, Britannia Royal Naval College, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and SERFCA (South East Reserve Forces and Cadets Association).

The Honour Guard display was commanded by Cadet WO2 Charlie Palmer (HS5), and accompanied by Army Band Tidworth under the direction of Band Sergeant Major, WO2 John Storey.

Following the parade, boys had the opportunity to take part in a Royal Navy boarding and clearance simulation exercise.

Other afternoon activities included laser tag, laser clay pigeon shooting, a Field Gun run and a virtual reality flight simulator, while there was a display of equipment provided by Kent Fire and Rescue Service and two visiting vehicles from Kent Police.  

This year’s CCF Inspection Day marked a fond farewell to Larry Thornbury, a teacher of 34 years' excellent service and stalwart of both the CCF and the School’s Shooting Club.

Squadron Leader Stefan Hargreaves, Contingent Commander for the School’s CCF, said: “We were immensely proud of everything that the cadets achieved today, both on the parade square and afterwards.

“We are grateful to Army Band Tidworth for travelling from the West Country to join us for the day, and performing alongside a live band took the Honour Guard’s typically excellent performance to a whole new level. It was a delight to be able to show our parents and guests our CCF at its very best.”

The following awards were made on CCF Inspection Day:
The Tennant Bell (Royal Navy): Cadet WO1 Toby Dunnet (HS5)
The Dougall Trophy (Army): Cadet Sergeant Major Stanley Southgate (MH5)
The Wilson Trophy (Royal Air Force): Cadet Warrant Officer David Hudson (CH5)
The Paterson Sword for the best overall contribution to the CCF: Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Charlie Palmer (HS5)