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Lower Sixth put science skills to the test in Royal Society of Chemistry contest

The annual Schools’ Analyst Competition

Sugary sweets were placed under examination in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual Schools’ Analyst Competition.

Lower Sixth students from four schools – Tonbridge, Judd, Weald of Kent and Tonbridge Grammar School – worked in teams of three during the south-east regional heat, which took place on Monday 20 May. 

The contest gives students the chance to apply their scientific skills in a fun and rewarding way. This year’s theme was that of investigating products on sale at the Super Sugar Candy Store. 

‘Trading Standards officers’ suspected that various sweets, treats and drinks contained ingredients which were either restricted or used in wrong amounts, asking teams to investigate. 

Students completed three tests, including quantification of vitamin C in tablets, determination of dye content in imported candy and volumetric analysis of baking soda in a cake mixture. 

The winning team from each school will compete in a second round for the chance to be crowned champions. Regional winners also receive prizes for themselves and for their school, with results to be announced at the end of June. 

Lisa Alford, Tonbridge’s Science Coordinator, said: “It was very encouraging to see students applying their chemical knowledge and successfully carrying out the tests. There was a great team spirit among students and a healthy sense of competition between schools.”

Students are pictured using the Chemistry labs, in the School’s Barton Science Centre, during the RSC Competition.


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