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‘Truly inspiring’: Students impress at Science Communication Competition final

Science Communication Competition final, 2024

The grand final of Tonbridge’s Science Communication Competition took place on Wednesday 8 May.

Now in its third year, the competition saw entries from more than 100 students earlier in the year. Just 22 finalists made it through to the last stage, which took place in the School’s Barton Science Centre.

The competition sets students the challenge of putting across their research and ideas in a way that would engage and inspire a class of Year 9 students. 

Tonbridge boys took two of the honours: Felix Shen (HS4) came first in the Years 12 and 13 category for his talk on ‘Chemistry of self-heating noodles’, while Daniel Cheung (MH1) was third in the Year 11 and under group for ‘Aerodynamics: The Science of Flight’. Full results are below.

Lisa Alford, the School’s Science Coordinator, said: “This year set a new standard. I was impressed by the exceptional quality of the students’ presentations across a range of disciplines, many of which were truly inspiring. The future of science is in capable hands!”

Guest judges were Dr Giorgio Chianello, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and Director of Science and Engineering Foundation at Queen Mary University of London, and Dr Maria Courel, Head of Biology, The Judd School.

Tonbridge judges included Nick Waite, Head of Science, Arthur Scott (PS4), Science Ambassador, and Lisa Alford.

While judges convened, Lower Sixth student Odin Holdom (PH4) carried out a special interview with former Tonbridge pupil Azeem Azhar on ‘The Challenges of AI in Science Communication and Education’.

Mrs Alford added: “The competition was a resounding success and the atmosphere in the Barton Science Centre was electric. Additionally, 220 viewers tuned in to watch the event live, which is a testament to its reach and impact.”

Year 11 and under Finalists
1st: Isi Holdom, City of London School for Girls: ‘Driving Innovation’.

2nd: Laura Kam, Woldingham School: ‘Angiogenesis: The Double Sword in Biology’.

3rd: Daniel Cheung, Tonbridge: ‘Aerodynamics: The Science of Flight’.

Years 12 to 13 Finalists 
1st: Felix Shen, Tonbridge: ‘Chemistry of self-heating noodles’.

2nd: Katarina Bozic, Weald of Kent: ‘Saving our night sky from the effects of light pollution’.

3rd: Elliot Robertson, The Judd School: ‘Gravity: Why you might be the most attractive person in the room, and why we don’t all fall into the sun’.


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