Tonbridge School produces a number of publications over the course of an academic year. Here are some examples below.

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Inspection Reports

Tonbridge School received a regulatory compliance inspection from the Independent Schools Inspectorate in September 2018. The inspection reports only on the school's compliance with the standards, including the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools. We are pleased to confirm that the standards have been fully met by the school.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection 2018 - Report

Tonbridge School received an inspection from the Independent Schools Inspectorate in October 2014, and their findings have confirmed that boys at Tonbridge receive an outstanding quality of education. Pastoral care, the personal development of students and school governance, leadership and management were all judged as 'excellent', which is the highest possible mark for these areas, with the quality of academic and other achievements ranked as 'exceptional', the best possible mark in this category. 

ISI Inspection 2014 - Report


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