Senior Team

The Senior Team is the group responsible to the governors for the leadership, management and policy decisions of Tonbridge School.

Chaired and led by the Headmaster, it comprises the Second Master, the Director of Admissions and Marketing, the Director of Studies, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Bursar, the Upper Master and the Director of the Tonbridge Society.

The people behind the job titles

Mr James Priory


Dr Huw Williams

Second Master

Mr John Pearson

Director of Studies

Mr Mark Weatheritt

Director of Teaching and Learning, Deputy Head Academic (from Sept 2019)

Mr Andrew Leale

Director of Admissions and Marketing

Mr John Bleakley

Upper Master, Second Master (from Sept 2019)

Mr Andy Whittall

Director of the Tonbridge Society

Mr Richard Burnett

Housemaster, Director of Admissions (from Sept 2019)

Mr James Fisher

Housemaster, Deputy Head Co-Curricular (from Sept 2019)

Mr Colin Swainson

Housemaster, Deputy Head Pastoral (from Sept 2019)