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As both a physical space and as a philosophical area the Art department has a unique position within the school.  Housed in a spectacular, modern, purpose-built building, the department houses state-of-the-art equipment and the facilities to tackle almost any medium or material.

Boys are encouraged to explore their own creativity in unique and original ways ...

We consider ourselves a Fine Art Department, in which boys are encouraged to explore their own creativity in unique and original ways; there is a strong emphasis on the development of an imaginative and expressive language.  In the department there is respect for the boys’ artistic individuality and independence of thought; from the start, they are treated with consideration.  An inclusive atmosphere ensures that boys are made to feel able and valid, whilst a nurturing environment supports every individual and gives ready access to the skills and resources which boys need to express themselves as fully as possible.

Tunnel Gallery and OBS Gallery

Art students discussing paintings in OBS Gallery

Central to our teaching and all the other activities in the department is the Tunnel Gallery and OBS Gallery where the work of students and professional artists is shown. Each year group will have at least one exhibition per year in the gallery and we feel that this provides validation and purpose for the boys. It also serves to place their work within the rich cultural and aesthetic heritage that they are taught to appreciate.

All teachers and members of staff are practising artists. This is integral to our ethos and informs our working practice. The boys see us creating our own work, failing and succeeding as they do, thus de-mystifying the process of making Art and giving them some insight into the way that Art is created.

Mr Fian Andrews

Head of Department
MA, BA, Loughborough University

Mr Toby Duncan

BA, Kingston University

Ms Emily Glass

MA, BA, Edinburgh University

Mrs Bronwyn Waugh

BA, University of Auckland, New Zealand