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Located in the EM Forster theatre, the Drama department boasts unparalleled facilities accessible to all Tonbridgians, whether they are immersed in the study of Drama and Theatre or actively participating in co-curricular productions. We foster a culture of inclusivity, encouraging involvement in various capacities, from backstage collaboration with our professional technicians to captivating performances in the 400-seat theatre. Audiences can also indulge in the richness of our professional productions.

Drama holds a central position in the cultural tapestry of our school. Collaborating seamlessly with the Art, Music, and English departments, we deliver a dynamic and culturally diverse curriculum. Our calendar is punctuated with an impressive array of productions, ranging from a whole-school play or musical in the Michaelmas Term to a Junior play, a Lower Sixth play, and an Edinburgh Fringe play in the Summer Term. Additionally, throughout the year, we showcase four or more House plays and numerous exam performances in the Lent Term. As part of the Shakespeare’s Schools’ Festival, we enter a Junior production and are actively exploring opportunities for major productions to embark on tours.

To nurture the creative spirit, we conduct a creative writing course in collaboration with esteemed London theatres like the Royal Court, the National, and the Old Vic. Our aim is to publish scripts, and we facilitate boys' participation in workshops led by visiting actors, practitioners, and renowned theatre companies such as Frantic Assembly and Shared Experience.

The Drama department extends its cultural reach through a series of theatre trips to London and beyond, including annual excursions to the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This comprehensive approach ensures that the Drama department at Tonbridge provides a deeply enriching experience of theatre, inspiring a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts.

Department Staff

Mr Gavin Bruce

Head of Drama
MA, University of Lancaster

Mr Sumair Hussain

Head of Academic Drama
MA, BA, Portsmouth University

Ms Francesca Bailey

Director of Drama in Residence

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