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Physical Education and sport teach us about being a part of a team and the importance of working together to accomplish a common goal.

They help us to learn to shoulder personal responsibility, how to cope with defeat and failure, and how to remain focused on a task for the period of time required to achieve it. We learn about consistency and concentration, and how to overcome weaknesses and go beyond our limits.

Tonbridge’s reputation for sporting excellence is indisputable … yet we pride ourselves as much on engendering a lifelong enjoyment and participation in our boys.

All boys in the first two years at Tonbridge take part in PE lessons, which aim to introduce them to a number of sports including volleyball, badminton, basketball, swimming and water polo. Extensive use is made of the Tonbridge School Centre, which provides one of the best bases for indoor sport in any school in Britain. By improving boys’ overall games playing ability across such a range of sports, the PE programme also compliments the broader school games programme, as well as exposing the boys to some of the other sports that are on offer within the varied games programme that Tonbridge School offers.

First and second year PE lessons also promote health and well-being among the boys. Each of them will have the chance during PE lessons to build and work on individual fitness programmes, with the help of the personal fitness advisers in the Tonbridge School Centre. These programmes also incorporate advice on how to reach their potential in sport and how to minimise the chances of injury when playing sport. Boys will be taught fundamental movement skills, mental techniques to reduce the impact of anxiety on performance, and will also learn how to conduct an effective warm-up and cool-down.

Mr Christopher Morgan

Director of Sport
BSc, Brunel University

Mr Ian Baldock

Cricket Academy

Mr Tim Blackwell

Shooting Officer

Mr Rhys Crane

Rugby Academy

Mr David Makey

Rackets Professional

Ms Kate Morwell-Neave

Fencing Coach

Mr Jonathan Moss

Sailing Professional

Mr Richard Oliver

Cricket Academy

Mr Alex Salmon

Assistant Director of Sport and Hockey Coach