Omniscience Speaker Series


For those people who were unable to access our live talk: Life On Ice with Joseph Cook, here is a recording of the event. It will be available to view until Wednesday 31st March.


The Omniscience Speaker Series is a digital science speaker series for both Tonbridge School and those with a passion for science. These talks aim to invite speakers from around the world who are experts in particularly exciting scientific fields, to share their knowledge with us.

Date: Wednesday 24th March at 7pm

Title: Life On Ice

Booking: Book your free place at the online event through Eventbrite

Event: Once you have booked your place, you will be able to access the event on Microsoft Teams.


Joseph Cook has spent over a decade exploring the coldest parts of our planet with the aim of understanding how Earth's ice and snow responds to, and accelerates, climate change. In this talk, Joseph will explain how he found Earth's glaciers and ice sheets to be surprisingly rich in microscopic life and why this has implications for climate change and global sea levels on Earth and even the search for alien life elsewhere in the solar system.


Joseph Cook is a scientist working at the unusual interface between computer science and polar exploration. His work uses satellite and drone imagery, artificial intelligence and mathematical simulations along with adventurous data-gathering expeditions to the Earth's coldest places to help us predict how Earth's ice and snow is changing in a warming world. He can be found on Instagram @tothepoles and his website is


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