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Learning Strategies

The Learning Strategies Department is responsible for ensuring that Tonbridge School is an educationally inclusive environment where the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well-being of every pupil matter.

Teaching and provision delivered by the department is designed to meet the needs of pupils, including those with physical disabilities, those with special educational needs (including social, emotional and mental health needs), those from all cultural backgrounds and pupils with English as an additional language.

Pupils may have additional needs at different times and therefore a wide variety of strategies are used to meet these needs as they arise. Learning diversity is recognised and planned for, any barriers to learning and participation are challenged and removed where possible and all pupils are provided with equality of opportunity.

The Learning Strategies Department is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the new Smythe Library and parents are welcome to get in touch or arrange a visit.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Lewis

Head of Learning Strategies/EAL

Corinne Clugston

Head of EAL

Laura Fry

Learning Strategies Teacher

Natalia Gerard

Learning Strategies Teacher

Rochelle Thomson

Teacher of EAL, EAA Assessor

Elisabeth Kirk-Smith

Learning Strategies Administrator

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