Learning Strategies

At Tonbridge School, we believe that all boys should be able to access the help and support they need to enable them to become independent and fully engaged learners. 

Our Learning Support provision aims to be appropriate to the particular needs of boys who have a specific learning difficulty, or those whose knowledge of English needs to be extended.  We also aim to be a resource for the whole school learning community, enabling all pupils to achieve their full academic potential and high levels of excellence within the school.

All boys are screened at the beginning of their Novi year; those with a specific learning difficulty are offered appropriate, tailored support.  We also work with all boys to build up a unique learning profile. We help them to reflect on their learning styles and preferences and provide them with a toolkit of strategies and resources which will be helpful across the curriculum.  Throughout their school careers, boys will have access to a range of Learning Support including:

  • study skills advice
  • smart revision strategies
  • memory techniques
  • better organisation
  • essay writing
  • proof reading
  • note taking

Boys may come to us via our screening or after referral from a Housemaster, tutor or subject teacher.  Many refer themselves, making use of our drop in sessions or booking themselves in for specific, targeted help. 

In addition, we run two innovative Learning Mentor training programmes.  Boys are trained in the skills they need to help each other.  Each House has at least one Learning Mentor who works closely with us to develop healthy and proactive learning communities. Our Novi dyslexic students are trained as Dyslexic Specialist Mentors and use these skills in local partner primary schools.

Finally, members of the Department liaise with other teaching staff throughout the school, advising on the particular needs of individual pupils and offering support and resources as requested. 

Tonbridge Strategies

Hayley McLintock
BA : Victoria University of Manchester

Natalia Gerard
BA : Exeter University

English as an Additional Language

Mrs Corinne Clugston
MA, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

Mrs Rochelle Thomson
BA, DipHE, TESOL , University of Auckland