Staff Bibliographies

Jonathon Blake (Economics, 1999-)

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Peter Carpenter (English, 1992-)

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Articles, reviews and poems in TLS, Poetry Review, London Magazine, PN Review, Stand, Oxford Poetry, Use of English, English, etc.  His complete Bibliography is available here.

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Julian Dobson (Divinity, 2007-)

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David Faithfull (Engineering Advisor, 1989-)

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Nick Lord (Mathematics, 1983-)

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Kay Moxon (Economics and Politics, 1994-)

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Dr. Adam Reid (Mathematics, 2014-)

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Stuart Seldon (Mathematics, 2006-)

Commercializing a disruptive technology based upon university ip through open innovation (co-author)
(view paper)
International Journal of Innovation
and Technology Management

Julian Thomas (Music, 2007-)

"The Lord at first had Adam made"
(A Carol for Christmas Eve)
Encore Publications2010
Preces and ResponsesEncore Publications 2017

Justin Wu (Mandarin, 2006-)

Advanced Level ChineseDuckworth2007