Higher Education Guide

The decisions boys make on Higher Education will have profound implications for their future. The process which begins in March during the Lower Sixth Year and is not concluded until they finally enter university 20 months later (or a year beyond that for those who take a gap year). Not only will boys be deciding where they want to study, but also shaping the direction of their future career.

Choices are not made in a vacuum. The government is determined to increase the number of students in Higher Education, and this inevitably leads to greater pressure on places. The funding of universities is an area of fierce political debate, and those universities which attract the most funding are becoming increasingly selective in their offers.

The Higher Education Guide is designed for boys in the 3rd Year, Lower and Upper Sixth at Tonbridge School and aims to guide them through all stages of the choice process, suggesting many further avenues of help (such as books and external websites); boys will also attend seminar sessions which will help them understand much of the detail. A Universities Evening in the summer term of the Lower Sixth enables boys  to listen to and question admissions tutors. But the key point is this:

No-one can make the decisions for you. You will spend three or more years studying for just one course in one place. You must do the research yourself and do your best to make sensible choices after many weeks of research.

The full Higher Education Guide is available to current boys of Tonbridge School through the internal intranet, to recent Tonbridge School leavers via the student firefly access and to parents via the Parent Portal.