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Universities and Careers

Our Universities and Careers team helps pupils gain the confidence, skills and experience to achieve their academic and professional ambitions.

We pride ourselves on personalised advice and support for every pupil, throughout their five years at Tonbridge. From beginning to understand their interests and aspirations in the Novi, to supporting Sixth Form boys as they explore university options and complete their applications, our ambition is, always, to help each boy achieve the right outcome for them.

Our careers provision is guided by the ‘Gatsby’ benchmarks to ensure best practice. We have a strong team of specialist, full-time staff within Universities and Careers, with each academic department also providing subject-specific support for university applications.


Based on 2023


go to top universities worldwide, with 90% going to a Russell Group or higher-tariff university


go to their first choice of university


go to Oxford or Cambridge


Up to 7% go to leading global universities, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Hong Kong University and others

What they are saying about us

Phenomenal careers department provides guidance using psychometric testing to suggest suitable routes for the boys and helping with work experience — really empowering for the boys.

Good relationships with European and American universities and provide on-site training for SAT exams — in 2020, eight overseas to Trinity Dublin, Chicago USA, Duke USA, Limestone College USA, Vanderbilt USA, McGill Canada and two to Hong Kong. ‘World class university destinations matter to us — they’re a sign of intellectual health,’ says the head.

The Good Schools Guide

What We Offer

Based centrally on the ground floor of the Smythe Library, the team is available all day during term time to provide advice and support, from career opportunities to higher education and gap years.

The university landscape in both the UK and the US has changed dramatically in the past three years, and so it is crucial that Tonbridge maintains the links we have with university admissions departments, UCAS, employers and academics worldwide to ensure that our boys’ applications remain competitive.

 In order to achieve this, we run a varied programme of talks, forums and information evenings. We hold academic enrichment classes, offer psychometric testing, admissions tests, interview preparation workshops and practice interviews.

We are always very keen to engage with businesses and employers to help us inform and educate students about the world of work.  There are numerous opportunities for businesses to be involved and if you would like to speak with the students about your career, or wish to advertise any work experience or vacancies, or can offer mentoring or work experience, then please contact Mrs Portia King, our careers advisor, at


The universal destinations platform helping students compare university courses worldwide.

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Careers advice and guidance through psychometric testing, helping students make decisions.

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Meet The Team

Ms Ruth Davis

Head of EPQ, Teacher of Divinity

Dr Jonathan Dixon

Teacher of History, Deputy Head of Universities & Careers

Mrs Portia King

Careers Advisor

Mr Paul Ridd

Teacher of Biology, Universities and Career Support

Up Next

University Destinations

Every year our boys win places at leading universities here in the UK and around the world, the significant majority to their first choice destination.