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Virtual Open Morning: 23rd January – 9:30am to 11:45am

James Priory

Whilst we are unable to host visitors in person at the moment, we are delighted to offer a virtual Open Morning on 23rd January 2021. This will be an opportunity to hear from the Headmaster, James Priory, and to attend up to three break-out sessions focusing on specific areas of life at Tonbridge School:

STEM, Scholarships & Bursaries, Admissions, Sport, Music, Boarding, Day, Creative Arts, University & Careers.

Please click on Book Now and complete the form. We would be very pleased to address any of your queries so do submit up to three questions in advance under ‘Questions’ within the form.

Joining details will be sent to all participants a couple of days before the event. If you have already attended one of our MTH sessions, you will find the first 45 mins to be a similar format. You may still find this helpful but if you prefer, please book your place and simply join the breakout sessions later.

Break-out Sessions

 (please click on one of these at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20 on the day of the event)


STEM has always been very strong at Tonbridge, but the launch of the Barton Science Centre by two astronauts last year has taken our teaching to the next level.
Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.

Scholarships & Bursaries

A priority for us in the next few years is to enable any bright and talented boy to access a Tonbridge education regardless of his background.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.


More than half of the boys at Tonbridge are learning at least one instrument, from beginners to the accomplished musicians in our Symphony Orchestra.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.


As exciting as it was to see Zak Crawley score a double century for England, we encourage all boys to find a sport they enjoy, at whatever level they play.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.


Learn about different entry points to Tonbridge School and how we assess applicants. This will be a Q&A with the Director of Admissions.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.

Boarding at Tonbridge

60% of boys at Tonbridge are boarders and we have 7 boarding houses. Learn more about how boarding at Tonbridge works from Housemasters and matrons.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.

Day at Tonbridge

40% are ‘day boys’ and we have 5 day houses. From lessons to co-curricular pursuits, day boys enjoy the same opportunities as boarders.
​​​​​​​Sessions at 10:30, 10:55 and 11:20.

Creative Arts

Boys can act or focus on technical theatre in Drama, work with poets and novelists on Creative Writing trips, or draw, paint, sculpt or throw pots in Art.
Creative Writing at 10:30, Art at 10:55 and Drama at 11:20.

University & Careers

Over 98% of boys go to university, mostly top UK institutions or other prestigious US and international universities. Tonbridge also connects boys with career opportunities.
This session is at 11:20.

Please note that as soon as we are able to host visitors to Tonbridge in person, we will advertise this here on the website.

Interactive Prospectus


Alternatively we would be pleased to send you a copy of our prospectus in the post.