Entry Procedure

Most of Tonbridge’s 780+ boys join the school at age 13 in the First Year (Year 9), but we also accept a smaller entry into the Lower Sixth (Year 12) at the start of Sixth Form courses and into the Second Year (Year 10). Tonbridge’s unique mix of boarders and day boys allows a diverse intake of pupils to enter the school. 

Around 60% of the boys are boarders, who are broadly geographically spread, with significant numbers coming from London, the home counties and further afield. Day boys, inevitably, come from closer to the school, but it is notable that many local parents also select the boarding option.

At age 13, around 145 boys join the school each year. Of these over 80 are boarders, and approximately 60 are day boys. Most boys entering the school at this stage will have completed an assessment during Year 6. Modified arrangements are in place for those who are unable to attend an assessment afternoon at Tonbridge in Year 6 or who register after the end of Year 6.

At age 16, up to 20 boys join the Tonbridge sixth form from other schools. Again this entry includes both boarders and day boys. Admission to the Sixth Form is on the basis of a recommendation and report from the candidate’s present school and an examination in the subjects of intended Sixth Form study. The main examination sitting takes place in November and applicants are therefore encouraged to register with us by the start of October.

At age 14 a small number of boys join the school (usually no more than five).

Tonbridge offers a broad range of Scholarships & Bursaries which are available both at 13+ and 16+ entry. 

The Admissions Office is open throughout the year and will be pleased to help with all enquiries relating to applications to join Tonbridge.

Tonbridge School Admissions Office, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 1JP

Tel : 01732 304297

E-mail : admissions@tonbridge-school.org


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