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Scholarships, Foundation Awards and Bursaries

Tonbridge offers about £2.8m of income each year in fee remission for bursaries, scholarships and other awards. These funds are focused upon supporting those who would not be able to attend Tonbridge without financial support. The winning of any scholarship therefore provides eligibility for means tested support of up to 100% fee remission, according to financial need. Scholarships are awarded in both Year 6 and Year 8.

In March of Year 6, Foundation Awards are awarded annually to boys aged 10 or 11 who show outstanding academic potential (often supported by musical talent). These scholarships exist to provide access to a Tonbridge education for boys who can clearly and substantially benefit from what the school has to offer and yet might not be able to attend without financial support. Such awards therefore may provide means-tested support (up to 100% of the full school fee) when boys join Tonbridge in Year 9 and, where candidates are at primary schools in Year 6, to allow attendance at preparatory school for Years 7 and 8.

Further scholarships are awarded to boys who are in Year 8 (their final year before joining Tonbridge). In a typical year 10 or more Music Scholarships, 5 or 6 Art, Drama or Design and Technology Scholarships and 3 or 4 Cowdrey Scholarships for sport are awarded, following assessments in February. The academic scholarship examination takes place in early May, with up to 21 awards being offered. Any of these awards may also provide means-tested support of up to 100% of the full school fee.

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Our team is here to answer any questions you have about payment of fees and further support.