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Sixth Form (16+) Entry

Each year up to 25 boys join Tonbridge in the Sixth Form, aiming to benefit from the structure and space we allow for boys to develop and pursue their own academic interests and subject specialisms.

We believe that specialisation in three or four A level subjects provides the most effective route for our boys into the top universities; on average, around 30 boys make successful applications to Oxford and Cambridge. We also have an excellent relationship with American and European Universities and provide on site training for SAT exams.

Our support for boys making applications to top ranking universities is excellent and almost all boys get into their first choice university.

In addition to the academic specialism encouraged by A level, we ask boys who aspire to top universities to submit a voluntary Extended Project in the Upper Sixth.  This is guided by academic staff and can be assessed through the submission of an essay, a piece of art work, a piece of music or any other medium chosen by the boy.

Academic extension is further enhanced through a varied Seminar programme of lectures given by visiting speakers, a vibrant range of societies and visits off campus.

We strongly encourage a wider participation in the life of the school and the wider community; most Sixth Formers will take advantage of our Community Action programme, our conservation programme, our CCF contingent or our links with The Marsh Academy, a maintained school we co-sponsor in the Romney Marsh.

There are, of course, opportunities to be involved in sport, music, drama and other creative activities that are open to boys in other years.  However, in the Sixth Form there is greater flexibility for boys to choose their own route through these options and also for boys to lead in these areas.  We actively encourage Sixth Form boys to show initiative and leadership and are keen to support boy-led ideas in these co-curricular areas of school life.

Boys entering at this stage are usually aged between 16.0 and 16.11 on 1st September of the year of entry. These age-limits are not inflexible, and slightly younger or older candidates may be accepted at the Headmaster’s discretion.

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  • Registrations

Registration is the formal first stage of the Sixth Form admissions process. To register, please complete the online Tonbridge Registration Form. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £250. All applications must be submitted with a copy of the candidate’s latest school report. Overseas candidates should also arrange to sit UKiset assessment tests, naming Tonbridge as a school to which they would like the results to be sent. The test can be sat at centres across the world; details can be found on their website:

The application deadline is 1st September for all boys applying from overseas schools - earlier submission is welcome. Candidates whose country of residence is China or Hong Kong are asked to contact our representatives there:

Hong Kong applicants should contact Ms Battie Fung, Academic Asia, 14/F, China Taiping Tower Phase II, 8 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2833 0919 | Fax:+852 2834 5398 | | Email:

Mainland China applicants should contact Ms Sophie Smith, BE Education, 9/F, Yueda 889 Center, 1111 Changshou Road, Shanghai, 200042, China
Tel: +862133607080 ext.8112 | | Email :

The deadline for boys in UK schools who are also resident in the UK is the 1st October in the year prior to proposed entry. After these deadlines, late applicants may be considered at the school’s discretion if there are still places available. Please contact the Admissions Office before registering as a late applicant.

  • Entry Exams and Interviews

The Director of Admissions will review all applications once they are complete, with shortlisted applicants being invited to examination and interview. Examinations will be set by Tonbridge and completed by each candidate in their four chosen Sixth Form subjects in November; it should be noted that these exams are highly competitive, with only the strongest candidates receiving an UNCONDITIONAL OFFER.  ALL candidates, including those who are British and native English speakers, will also be required to sit an English Language paper.

Specimen papers can be viewed on our exam papers page. Papers can be taken either at Tonbridge or at a British Council office around the world or possibly at another approved international location. Candidates living or studying in the UK will be interviewed at Tonbridge on the day of the exams; candidates living overseas, who are able to attend interviews in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore, will be invited to do so in advance of the exams; other international candidates will be interviewed via Skype.

  • Offers of unconditional places

UNCONDITIONAL OFFERS will be issued to the best performing applicants by1st December (nine months prior to arrival at Tonbridge). Parents accept the UNCONDITIONAL OFFER by returning the Final Entry Form and paying an admission fee of £2,000. Applicants living overseas will also be required to pay the first term’s fees in advance.

KEY DATES - For 2022 entry
1 September 2021 Closing date for international applications for 2022 Entry
1 October 2021 Closing date for UK school applications for 2022 entry
30 October 2021 Entrance Exam for Sixth Form candidates
KEY DATES - For 2023 entry
1 September 2022 Closing date for international applications for 2023 Entry
1 October 2022 Closing date for UK school applications for 2023 entry
29 October 2022 Entrance Exam for Sixth Form candidates