Term Dates

Michaelmas Term 2017

Beginning of Term Wednesday 6th  September 7.00 pm
Day boys return Thursday 7th   September  
First Exeat (Long) Friday 29th September 1.00 pm
to Sunday 1st October 9.15 pm
Half-term Saturday 14th October 1.00 pm
to Sunday 29th October 9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short) Saturday 25th  November after games
to Sunday 26th    November 9.15 pm
End of Term Thursday 14th  December 5.30 pm

Lent Term 2018

Beginning of TermTuesday 9th January8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday 10th January  
First Exeat (Short)Saturday 27th Januaryafter games
toSunday 28th January9.15 pm
Half-term* Friday 9th February4.15 pm
toSunday 18th February9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday 10th Marchafter games
toSunday 11th March9.15 pm
End of TermWednesday 21st March1.00 pm

* Half Term for boys in the Lower Sixth starts after the Parents' Evening at 9pm

Summer Term 2018

Beginning of TermTuesday 17thApril8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday 18th April
First Exeat (Long)Saturday 5th Mayafter games
toMonday 7thMay9.15 pm
Half-termFriday 25thMay4.15 pm
toSunday 3rdJune9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday 23rdJuneafter games
toSunday 24thJune9.15 pm
End of Term
(Skinners' Day)
Saturday 7thJuly5.00 pm


Michaelmas Term 2018

Beginning of TermWednesday5thSeptember7.00 pm
Day Boys returnThursday6thSeptember
First Exeat (Long)Friday28thSeptember1.00 pm
toSunday30thSeptember9.15 pm
Half-termSaturday13thOctober1.00 pm
toSunday28thOctober9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Long)Saturday24thNovemberafter games
toMonday26thNovember9.15 pm
End of TermThursday13thDecember5.30 pm

Lent Term 2019

Beginning of TermTuesday8thJanuary8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday9thJanuary
First Exeat (Short)Saturday26thJanuaryafter games
toSunday27thJanuary9.15 pm
Half-term* Friday8thFebruary4.15 pm
toSunday17thFebruary9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday9thMarchafter games
toSunday10thMarch9.15 pm
End of TermWednesday27thMarch1.00 pm

* Half Term for boys in the Lower Sixth starts after the Parents' Evening at 9pm

Summer Term 2019

Beginning of TermTuesday23rdApril8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday24thApril
First Exeat (Long)Saturday4thMayafter games
toMonday6thMay9.15 pm
Half-termFriday24thMay4.15 pm
toSunday2ndJune9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday22ndJuneafter games
toSunday23rdJune9.15 pm
End of Term
(Skinners' Day)
Saturday6thJuly5.00 pm


Michaelmas Term 2019

Beginning of TermWednesday4thSeptember7.00 pm
Day Boys returnThursday5thSeptember
First Exeat (Long)Friday27thSeptember1.00 pm
toSunday29thSeptember9.15 pm
Half-termSaturday19thOctober1.00 pm
toSunday3rdNovember9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday23rdNovemberafter games
toSunday24thNovember9.15 pm
End of TermThursday12thDecember5.30 pm

Lent Term 2020

Beginning of TermTuesday7thJanuary8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday8thJanuary
First Exeat (Short)Saturday25thJanuaryafter games
toSunday26thJanuary9.15 pm
Half-term* Friday14thFebruary4.15 pm
toSunday23rdFebruary9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday7thMarchafter games
toSunday8thMarch9.15 pm
End of TermWednesday25thMarch1.00 pm

* Half Term for boys in the Lower Sixth starts after the Parents' Evening at 9pm

Summer Term 2020

Beginning of TermTuesday21stApril8.00 pm
Day Boys returnWednesday22ndApril
First Exeat (Long)Saturday2ndMayafter games
toMonday4thMay9.15 pm
Half-termFriday22ndMay4.15 pm
toSunday31stMay9.15 pm
Second Exeat (Short)Saturday20thJuneafter games
toSunday21stJune9.15 pm
End of Term
(Skinners' Day)
Saturday4thJuly5.00 pm