Guidance and instruction are given in a programme of activities on Wednesday afternoon each week for all boys except those in the First Year.

First Year

The Wednesday afternoon programme for First Years is organised to introduce them to the wide range of sports, as well as activities such as Drama, on offer at the School. On Field Day, when the other Years are doing their Activities for the whole day, First Year boys take part in an "outdoor pursuits" day.

Second Year

Boys may choose to join the Royal Navy, Army or RAF sections of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), or an outward bound activity known as the "Terriers". If they are Art or Music Award holders they may instead concentrate on Art or Music.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Years

Boys have a wide ranging choice of activities including:

Combined Cadet Force: Royal Navy, Army or RAF Sections;

Tonbridge Community Action (TCA): helping in the local community, or working in local Primary Schools or Hospitals; 

Advanced Chemistry; Aero-Modelling; Art, Ceramics and Photography; Assistance to the Librarian; Assistance with some of the First Year activities; Bridge; Chess; Computing projects; Conservation; Design Technology & Engineering Projects; Film Making; Music, primarily for music specialists; Phytology; Play Writing; Preparation of the School Magazine; Rackets; Radio; Recording Studio; Stage sets, props and lighting; Tonbridge's Literary Supplement; Work within a boy's house

Almost all of the activities listed above can be used for a component of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award