Aspire... Inspire... Action

TCA Wednesdays

Over 120 boys go out to a variety of challenging placements on Wednesday afternoons to help in Special and Primary Schools, Care Homes, and other institutions and projects that cater for those who are struggling in one way or another to come to terms with the challenges of modern life.

Whole School Community Day

A day during which every pupil and member of staff welcomes onto the school campus large numbers of Primary school pupils and others to take part in over 30 activities taught, coached and hosted by the boys. Many charity focused activities also take part on this day.

The Sri Lanka Partnership

Now in its second year a group of boys and staff go out to Sri Lanka each summer to help CAL (Child Action Lanka) a charity that aims to put as many street children into safe and educational environments as possible. Leavers are also taking the opportunity to spend some of their GAP year helping with the charity as well.

Other annual TCA events

From Christmas Gift donations to local disadvantaged families to concerts for the elderly, from supporting charities for the homeless with a sponsored Sleep Out to Pink and Yellow days, there is a well-established sequence of events that give the boys many opportunities to engage with the local community.

Student led initiatives

Every year boys come up with imaginative, inspiring and often very challenging ideas for fundraising. These are nurtured and encouraged.

Sustainability & Environmental Activities

Tonbridge School places a high priority on implementing policies to minimise the negative impact of our activities on the environment. We strive to follow environmental best practice in all we undertake as a school, and to raise awareness and understanding of sustainability issues in staff and pupils.  Read more in our strategy document.