The development of each boy’s sense of social responsibility and emotional intelligence makes up one of the four central pillars of a Tonbridge education. Tonbridge Community Action (TCA) has established a programme of opportunities for boys and staff to engage with the local and wider community in a wide variety of ways.

The aims of our community activity programme are:

  • to connect the School, staff and boys with our local community, through participation in activities that are clearly for the benefit of the wider public.
  • to be a major way by which we help boys to become leaders who wish to fulfil their potential. This is achieved by fostering empathy for the needs and views of others, whilst eschewing all forms of prejudice by involving themselves in the lives of people from different backgrounds and life experiences. As a result boys further develop their skills and confidence to do things that make a difference.
  • to raise students’ awareness of social and cultural differences as well as environmental challenges locally, nationally and internationally, by encouraging the boys to take individual and collective action that will make a creative, caring impact on individuals and communities.

Our continued development of our partnership with Child Action Lanka epitomises our aspirations