In The Flesh - page 11

Alexander Benjamin graduated from the Ruskin School of Drawing and
Fine Art, University of Oxford in 2013 and has since exhibited in London
with the Society of Graphic Fine Art, and in Kent as Tonbridge School’s
Artist in Residence. During her degree she was awarded several prizes,
including the John Farthing Prize for Human Anatomy and the Vivien
Leigh Prize, awarded by the Keeper of Western Art of the Ashmolean
(2013) is part of a series of drawings that she has produced
intermittently over the past few years. They are small sections, usually of
no more than a square centimetre, of human forms taken from found
images which she has isolated and transformed. She severs these fragments
from their original context, so as to create highly ambiguous, sculptural
drawings which adopt curious new qualities from the majestic to the
Alexander Benjamin
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