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In the Flesh is a snapshot of the way artists have used and continue
to use the body as a starting point to explore themes and ideas;
the frailty and joy of existence, the need to make sense of our lives
through religion and ritual, the relationship between body and
mind, and the sensual pleasure the body can give us.
And yet there is a huge diversity of interpretation within these
themes. There are images of death as visceral and shocking as well as
part of the natural cycle of existence; the child in need of protection
but also eager to push the boundaries of that safety; a celebration
of the body in movement alongside striking portrayals of its
What draws them together are the ways in which the hand of the
maker is very much present within these artworks. There is a strong
emphasis on their materiality; the ooze of wet clay, the warmth of
melted modelling wax, the energetic stroke of a brush or the heave
of the crank of a printing press. These works have been made by the
bodies of artists examining their own physicality.
This is the first major exhibition in OBS Gallery and it is open to
students, staff and the wider community. We hope that In the Flesh
will create thought and discussion as well as a space for reflection;
inviting you to find within these walls, artworks that make you feel,
as well as think.
We are very grateful to the Art Collector Wayne Warren for lending
us so many wonderful pieces from his collection and to all the
people, within and outside the school who have helped make this
exhibition possible.
Emily Glass
In the Flesh Curator
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