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Susan Aldworth studied Philosophy at Nottingham University and
Fine Art at Sir John Cass. She has exhibited widely both nationally and
internationally and her work is held in many public and permanent
collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, The British
Museum, The Wellcome Collection, Williams College Museum of Art
and the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University.
Reassembling the Self 5
is one of the prints from a suite of lithographs
made at the Curwen Studio with the printer Stanley Jones in 2012.
This was during Aldworth’s residency at Newcastle University where
she carried out research into some of the scientific, clinical and personal
narratives of schizophrenia.
Aldworth’s lithographs reflect on the general condition of
schizophrenia. As anti-portraits, their use of found imagery
– generic anatomical prints from medical folios, the ear as a
visual shorthand for schizophrenia and hearing voices – at
once interrogates individual identity and situates individual
consciousness within a provocatively depersonalized
They explore and celebrate the fragility of identity in its
relationship with and dependence on the physical self.
They ask questions – of who we might be and of what
we are made – in a voice at once spiritual and sensible,
philosophical and profane; and they steep us in a
conversation as old and elemental as consciousness itself.
Julia Beaumont-Jones, Print Curator, Tate Britain, 2012
Susan Aldworth
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