In The Flesh - page 9

“Can we trust the painter who paints nothing? On painting
formless mass, one is encouraged to analyse the flesh to its minutiae.
With a practice that has long since had an interest in form I have
over time nurtured and distilled a passion for this visceral subject. On
exploring this in parallel with a long standing interest in abstraction
and materiality, drawing influence from artists including Philip
Guston and Hans Josephsohn, I have come to realise that often this is
the best means of portraying this endlessly varied form.
In the painting Shango, we see a dichotomy forming between the
gestural and intuitive, off-set by the hesitant and considered. This
acts to intersect the natural rhythm of the painting, mirroring the
awkwardness of the body - the economy of mark further compounding
this feeling. The painting’s two elements sit uncomfortably together,
as if forced onto the same canvas.”
Oliver Bass, 2014
Oliver Bass graduated from Tonbridge School in 2012 and enrolled
on the CCW Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. He is currently
reading Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art,
University of Oxford.
OliVER Bass
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