The Tonbridge Society

The Tonbridge community has, in addition to boys, three main groups which come together in the Tonbridge Society to support each other and the school.

The Parents' Arts Society provides a focus for parents and other friends of the school and gives them the opportunity to benefit from its programme of educational and cultural activities. The Old Tonbridgian Society provides a social and support network for the boys after their five years here. Finally, Tonbridge School Development, is committed to supporting the development of the school in many different ways.

Throughout the year the Tonbridge Society runs a number of events and initiatives. Some of our events aim to provide opportunities to socialise as well as the chance to see the boys perform in concerts and theatrical productions. Other events are designed to provide helpful guidance and networking opportunities for the boys as they look to life after Tonbridge. A good example of the latter is our Careers Mentoring Scheme that brings parents, OTs and the boys together to share careers advice, offer work experience and provide mentoring opportunities.

Collectively the Tonbridge Society represents all members of the Tonbridge family and we very much encourage individuals from all groups to become involved.