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Food & Nutrition

Our Approach

Tonbridge operates a House dining system across all areas of the School rather than a centralised dining approach, which adds a family feel to the dining experience. Menus are designed centrally by our Development Chef. Their role is to create fresh, innovative, balanced and nutritious menus whilst utilising feedback directly received from the boys via a termly pupil survey.

Food plays a significant part in the pastoral care of the pupils in any school, and Tonbridge takes that responsibility seriously.

The School is committed to providing a high standard of food, from farm to fork and we take pride and care in all that we do. Uniquely, there is a School Butcher on site, butchering down whole cuts to ensure that only the finest quality meat is used. There is also a School Pastry Chef who focuses on producing breads, cakes and desserts for the School as part of standard services and events.

Supporting local food businesses is a priority. A list of our food partners are: Heritage Fine Foods, Maws Fine Foods, Lintons Seafoods, Speldhurst Sausages, Kent Dairy Company, Hawkhurst Bread Shed, Towers Thompson, Bidfood, Solley’s Ice creams, Haywards Butchers and Chef and Bar – all Kentish based suppliers.

Up Next

Chapel Life

Chapel services are an important and regular part of School life. The religious and spiritual dimension to our lives are taken seriously at Tonbridge.


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