Physics Olympiad

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Tonbridge boys put in a strong performance in the recent Physics Olympiad, a national test which encourages the study of the subject and recognises excellence in young physicists.

Gold medals are awarded to the top five per cent nationally, with silver medals awarded to those who are placed among the top five to ten per cent.

Gold medals were won by Andrew Ng (PS4), Max Lambert (PS4), Tim Hoving (WH4), Ben Burgess (WW3) and Thomas Rochussen (Sc4).

Silver medals went to Olly Gedney (PS3), Matthew Barker (PS4), Rhys Duggan (CH4) and Kin Sing Lau (MH4). A further 23 boys won Bronze medals.

Phil Deakin, the school’s Head of Physics, said: “These were some very pleasing results, especially from third years (year 11) who sat the Olympiad early. The competition is designed to stretch the very brightest boys, and all our entrants worked hard and have much to be proud of.”

In the GCSE Physics Olympiad, there was also a strong showing from Tonbridge, with medal places as follows:

Gold: Ben Burgess (WW3), Colin Chow (Sc3), Sherman Yip (HS2), Oli Poole (WH3), Tom Masding (OH2), Olly Gedney (PS3), Barney Todd (WW3).

Silver: Mark Tarakanov (MH3), Ralph Lavercombe (JH3), Charlie Thurston (JH3), Max Lawrence (PS3), Alex Lawrence (PS3), Calvin Cheng (PS3).

A further 35 boys won Bronze medals.

Phil Deakin added: “Sherman Yip and Tom Masding both completed the GCSE Olympiad a year early, so it is especially impressive that they gained gold medals.”



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