Medical Arrangements

The School Medical Centre, built in 1985, has twelve beds and full outpatient facilities, and is covered twenty-four hours a day by a team of Registered Nurses.

Morning surgery is held at the Medical Centre five days a week by the school Doctors, Dr J.P. Moore and Dr R. Claxton, members of a local general practice.

Boarders are registered with the school Doctors while members of the school, being treated as temporary residents at home during holidays if necessary. Boarders will be automatically de-registered when they leave the school.

If a boy is ill or visits a specialist during the holiday, the Medical Centre should be informed in writing to enable further treatment to be carried out if necessary, and medical records to be kept up to date.

Any medication which a boarder brings back to school must be handed in to the House Matron. Medication brought in from abroad must be re-prescribed by the school Doctors.

Boys are free to discuss problems with the Doctors privately, and may visit the Medical Centre Sisters for treatment and advice at any reasonable time.

Enquiries about medical issues are welcomed from parents, who should telephone the Medical Centre (01732 304272) or the Housemaster.


All boys are kept up to date with their immunisations for tetanus, diphtheria and polio. Boarders travelling abroad will be immunised as necessary for the country they are visiting, and given malaria prophylaxis as required in accordance with the recommendations from the local MASTA Travel clinic.

Flu inoculations are given to boarders in the Michaelmas Term.

BCG inoculations may be given, according to current government policy, in the Summer Term of a boy's first year at school.


Two private physiotherapists visit the Medical Centre two afternoons a week, and by arrangement to treat boys as required. Treatment is charged to the parents, and may be claimed for on medical insurance.

Medical and Dental Insurance

The school offers a group medical insurance scheme, details of which are sent in advance to the parents of all new boys (and are also available from the Bursary). In addition the school offers an emergency dental insurance scheme.


A Counselling Psychotherapist spends 4.5 days at the school each week, and is freely available in that time for consultation, in confidence, by boys who are experiencing any form of problem or difficulty. The Counsellor is always willing to meet parents also, where that might be helpful.

The School Counsellor/Psychotherapist is Dr Shirley Lauryn, DClinSci, MBACP accredited.

Dyslexia And Other Special Needs

Professional support is offered for boys with dyslexia or other special needs.