Pastoral Care

The Pastoral System at Tonbridge is based around a very strong House system, clear expectations and strong and positive relationships between boys, staff and parents. Fostering an atmosphere in which all members of the community look out for each other is at the heart of all that we do.

At the centre of our system are the twelve Housemasters. The Housemaster is the focal point of a boy’s life at Tonbridge; he is responsible for the boys’ academic progress and for his pastoral well-being, supported by a tutor team attached to each House. The way the House system at Tonbridge operates enables us to focus on the needs of each individual boy and to monitor their progress and development closely. No one gets lost in the system, as a Housemaster is able to get to know the boys and their families well and is able to respond quickly to issues should they arise. In all Houses, both boarding and day, the accommodation for the Housemaster and his family is part of the House, the Housemaster's study forming the direct link between the private side and the boys' side.

The House system is supplemented by an on-site medical centre, Chaplaincy, dedicated school counsellor and welfare group.

In each of the seven boarding houses the Housemaster is supported by a Matron who is, alongside the Housemaster and his family, a key pastoral figure in the lives of the boys.