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Boys achieve top rankings in UK Maths contest

Tonbridge boys have achieved excellent results in a national competition testing students’ mathematical ability.

Boys were taking part in the British Maths Olympiad, a contest which features the top one thousand young mathematicians across all school years in the UK.

Eight boys were placed within the top 200 across the country: Second Year student Isaac King (CH2); Thomas Gardner (CH3) and Hayden Lam (FH3) from the Third Year; and Upper Sixth Formers Kiefer Chow (MH5), Ben Gardner (CH5), Victor Lin (MH5), Thomas Masding (OH5) and Sherman Yip (HS5)

Hayden and Thomas Masding were placed in the top 100, and Isaac and Sherman were among the very best in the country, both being placed 12th equal.

A number of other Tonbridge boys earned the right to take part in the competition by being placed in the top 1,000 in the UK in an earlier contest, the Senior Maths Challenge. Both events are organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) and are open to all schools and colleges in the country.

Ian Jackson, the school’s Head of Mathematics, said: “These are highly impressive results and well done to the boys for such an excellent performance. To have eight of our students in the top 200 shows that Tonbridge is one of the top schools for Mathematics. These outcomes are a tribute to the boys’ ability and to the high-quality teaching and support they receive.” 

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