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Boys commended for ‘character and achievement’ on GCSE results day

Third Year boys at Tonbridge School have achieved excellent results in their GCSEs. In today’s announcement (Thursday 12 August), 96 per cent of all grades awarded are 9/8/7, equivalent to A*/A. 

Nearly two thirds of the boys’ results overall are Grade 9, with 39 students receiving straight 9s in every subject taken.

James Priory, Tonbridge’s Headmaster, congratulated the Year 11 cohort (a few of whom are pictured opposite). “I am extremely proud of the conscientiousness and creativity the boys have shown throughout their GCSE studies. Their results are a tremendous achievement, and even more so given the exceptionally challenging circumstances of the last 18 months,” he said.  

“As a year group, they have adapted readily to different forms of learning and worked hard to complete their courses across a broad range of subjects. They have shown great character, determination and resilience, remaining fully involved in the co-curricular and community life of the School at the same time as achieving excellent academic results.”

Mr Priory added that all at Tonbridge were looking forward to welcoming boys back in September for the start of their Sixth Form studies. “Our new Sixth Form Curriculum, now in its second year, provides what we believe is the best preparation possible for university and future careers, as well as a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience during their A-level studies,” he said. 

“We look forward to seeing the boys embarking on this exciting and important stage of their academic careers, as they pursue the subjects and ideas that interest them the most, and develop further as independent thinkers.”

Among the Tonbridge boys receiving their results today were Ollie Grant (PS3) and Oshi Hamilton (OH3). Ollie described this as a “great day, when all the hard work pays off, and you can start to specialise in your subjects at A-level”. He is taking Politics, Economics and Philiosophy as his choices and is looking forward to the added responsibility of the Sixth Form, when he hopes to take on a leadership role and be able to help others, as well as pursuing his interests in debating, public speaking and sports.

Oshi said he is “very happy” with his GSCE results, after two years of hard work, and said his favourite parts of Tonbridge academic life to date were the wide range of subjects available and the tremendous support from teachers. He is “looking forward to the Sixth Form” and to the opportunity to study his favourite subjects, Maths, Economics and Chemistry, in greater depth at A-level.

Oshi and Ollie are both taking an Additional Language Qualification in French as part of their Sixth Form studies. 

Other boys pictured on GCSE results day include Tom Gardner (who is looking forward to starting his A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry), Ryan Zhang (who has chosen to study Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Philosophy) and Ollie Whittall (A-levels in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics). 

Pictured below, top: From left, Oshi, Ed, Ollie, Freddie, Ollie, Ryan, James, Tom and James, with the Headmaster, James Priory, at Tonbridge. Other photos also show the boys on GCSE results day.


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