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Charity lacrosse match pitches Tonbridge Praes against Benenden Grey Jumpers

Tonbridge’s Praes have taken part in a charity lacrosse match to help support the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

The boys worked with their counterparts at Benenden – known as the Grey Jumpers – to arrange the match, with Deputy Head of School Joe Baldwin (HS5) rallying the troops at Tonbridge and putting together an enthusiastic, if rather inexperienced, lacrosse team. 

The boys managed to get hold of some sticks and put in some quick practice drills before facing Benenden. The game, consisting of four quarters, each of 15 minutes, was fast-paced, with a ‘3 second rule’ on the ball and no tackling allowed. 

Both teams played well and were head-to-head in the first quarter at 2-2. Benenden took the lead in the second quarter to make it 4-3; by the third quarter, Tonbridge came back fighting to lead 6-5, but Benenden surged ahead in the final part of the game to win 8-7. 

Tonbridge’s goals were scored by Joe Baldwin, Sam Hadfield (FH5) and Xandi Drysdale (PH5).

Jessica Watson-Reynolds, Assistant Housemaster for Tonbridge, helped organise the contest. She said: “It was a tense, fun and good-humoured game as the girls took on the boys. There was a lot of support from the Benenden boarders on the sidelines, which added to a great atmosphere.”

Donations in support of those in Ukraine, and Ukrainian refugees, can be made at the JustGiving page set up by the students.

A few days later the Praes took part in two more fixtures, this time in netball as well as lacrosse, against the Upper Sixth girls from Walthamstow Hall. 

The boys had gained some recent netball practice in the Staff versus Boys match, but despite this were defeated 16-9. In the lacrosse, Wally Hall also triumphed, this time 6-5, and therefore took both honours in two good-natured and well-supported matches.

Mrs Watson-Reynolds added: “It was lovely to witness the collaboration between schools, as well as the healthy sense of competition between the boys and girls. Some highly impressive teamwork was also on display. We’ll be hoping to repeat these fixtures next year between Upper Sixth leavers.”

Pictured above: The Tonbridge and Benenden lacrosse teams. Below: action from the Benenden match. 

Third photo below: The Tonbridge and Wally Hall lacrosse teams, pictured at the Tonbridge School Centre.