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Computer Scientists’ skills put to the test in international challenge

Tonbridge emerged as one of the top schools in an international competition which tests students’ skills in programming.

The Perse Coding Competition, for UK and international secondary schools, pits teams in Years 7 to 11 against each other in a timed automated programming challenge, taking place across two rounds.  

More than 1,100 schools entered the competition. Around 500 schools made it to the second round, and 78 schools then gained distinctions in the final round. 

Tonbridge was placed 4th in the overall table, the position being determined by the score of its top team. In total, three separate Tonbridge teams scored distinctions.

The best placed Tonbridge team consisted of TK Buristrakul (HS3), Maxwell Barton (Sc2) and Justin Leung (JH1). 

The top five schools were Magdalen College School (1st), St Paul's School (2nd), The Perse School (3rd), Tonbridge (4th) and Royal Grammar School (5th).

Justin Robertson, the School’s Head of Computer Science, said: “I was most impressed that the boys were able to successfully apply their learning and knowledge to this type of competition. A top four finish is a real credit to them and to the School, and all who took part should be proud of their performances.”  

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