Exploring Contemporary Drawing: Gallery show

Four leading contemporary artists are having their work shown together for the first time in a new exhibition especially created for Tonbridge School’s Old Big School Gallery.

4B: Contemporary Approaches to Drawing features work by Christy Burdock, created during her recent residency at the House of Illustration, as well as Meghana Bisineer's animation Light, Water, Glass. The latter, inspired by TS Eliot's poem The Waste Land, was drawn on the windows of the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Jeanette Barnes’ work features large scale, dynamic, charcoal drawings of a city in flux, while Louise Bourgeois contributes an ‘Autobiographical Series’ of prints and 11 Drypoints, on loan from Hayward Touring.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 29 September and runs until Saturday 10 November. 
Emily Glass, Curator of the Old Big School Gallery and an Art Teacher at Tonbridge School, says: “This new exhibition demonstrates that a traditional medium like drawing is still relevant today for contemporary artists.

“Drawing is fundamental for each of these artists – they harness its direct link between mind and mark to convey their thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, each is concerned with the possibilities of drawing to convey narrative. However, the ways in which they do so vary widely in terms of scale, material and subject matter.

“Each artist uses drawing to blur the boundaries between the observed and imaginary.”

The exhibition can be viewed at weekends between 12pm and 4pm, and on weekdays for booked groups.

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Drawing by Christy Burdock.