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Honorary Academic Scholarships awarded for outstanding work

A number of Tonbridge boys have been rewarded for their outstanding work by receiving Honorary Academic Scholarships.

In a ceremony in the Skinners’ Library on Friday 3 December, boys were presented with their scholarship certificates by James Priory, the Headmaster of Tonbridge, and Mark Weatheritt, Deputy Head Academic.

The first group received Post GCSE Honorary Academic Scholarships, which recognises the achievement of those boys, now in the Lower Sixth, who did not previously hold awards but who performed superbly across the curriculum at GCSE.

A second group consists of those boys, new to Tonbridge, who performed outstandingly in their Sixth Form entrance assessments. Honorary Academic Scholarships were also awarded to a third group of boys from the Upper Sixth, who were not already scholars but who have excelled in examinations this term. 

All will also be awarded prizes at an end of term Presentation Assembly.

Mr Priory offered the boys his warmest congratulations, adding that he looked forward to seeing their academic talents continue to flourish, both at Tonbridge and beyond. “Ultimately, our School is a place you come to in order to learn, to discover and to be inspired," he said.

“I look forward to the role you will play in further enlivening the intellectual experience for everyone in the School and congratulate you on your achievements thus far.” 

Post GCSE Honorary Academic Scholarships

These have been awarded to the following Lower Sixth:
Tom Beggs (PH)
Hayden Lam (FH)
Josh Bentley (MH)
Gerard Li (FH)
Alex Beverton-Smith (Sc)
Kevin Liu (Sc)
James Booth (CH)
James Mayes (OH)
Matteo Bradshaw (JH)
Damon McDevitt (Sc)
Matthew Bull (MH)
Ed Middleton (PS)
Aidan Chow (PH)
Louis Mok (PS)
Henry Collins (FH)
Monty Nicholls (JH)
Milo Denny (WH)
Hugh O’Donnell (PH)
William Enskat (PH)
Tobe Onyia (FH)
Thibault Favre (HS)
Jack Percival (WH)
Harry French (PH)
Conrad Phillpot (JH)
Max Freudenheim (MH)
Jais Picariello (WW)
Max Gallagher (Sc)
Nick Samuel (WH)
Jacob Hargreaves (SH)
Andrew Sergeef (FH)
Will Harris (FH)
Alastair Wu (MH)
Dom Hopley (MH)
Ryan Zhang (SH)
Tom Kwok (MH)
Ben Zhao (PH)
Mackenzie Lai (OH)

Also awarded to Lower Sixth boys who performed outstandingly in Sixth Form entrance assessments:
Catalin Botezat (Sc)
Karl Lam (HS)
Herman Chow (JH)
Ryan Lum (PH)
Adrian Lam (JH)
Ethan Pan (PH)
Justin Lam (FH)
Jeffrey Sze (Sc)

Upper Sixth Honorary Academic Scholarships

These have been awarded to:
Finn Kirkland (WH)
Bosco Lee (PS)
Finn McDowell (HS)

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