School plays its part in ‘Turning Tonbridge Pink’

Tonbridge School has turned pinker than ever in its annual event in support of breast cancer charities.

Boys and staff donned imaginative and outrageous costumes, including dresses, wigs, animal costumes and superhero capes for the school’s Pink Day on Friday (11 October). 

Across the school, boys and staff joined in with the spirit of the day and sported pink attire in order to increase awareness of breast and other cancers. Funds raised will support vital research into improving cancer survival rates for all, as well as practical support for families affected.

This year the funds will be split between Breast Cancer Kent and Breast Cancer Now, a national research charity.

The morning chapel service was a sea of pink as boys filled the pews and seats. Boys continued to wear their bright clothing throughout the day’s lessons and activities. Competitions were run to find the Best Dressed Individuals and groups.

To spread the message even further, pink bows and ribbons were tied to school buildings, trees and doorposts. The school chapel was also lit with pink uplighters, looking beautiful in the early morning.

Pink Day was launched in a school assembly by Olly Teare, a Year 11 student, who has experienced the challenges of breast cancer within his family. In a brave and powerful talk in front of the whole school, he gave a frank account of the fear of diagnosis, and the journey his family went through as his mother was diagnosed with, and then successfully treated by the NHS for, breast cancer. 

Olly explained how the support of local charity Breast Cancer Kent helped his family with the practical and psychological impact of the disease.  

Volunteers from Breast Cancer Kent made a vast array of cakes which they sold to boys and staff throughout the day. The Tonbridge School Centre hosted a coffee morning, which included a raffle and a bring and buy cake sale. 

Clair Miller, one of the matrons in the school, is part of the group which has set up #turningtonbridgepink, hoping to get the whole of the town involved in national breast cancer awareness day on Friday 18 October.  

Juliet Burnett, the school’s Community Action Manager, said: “Pink Day is a highlight of the year and a hugely popular day with boys and staff. The whole school gets involved and it’s a fun way to let the school and the wider Tonbridge community know that we are standing with those affected by cancer. As the school is on half-term holiday on 18 October, we were delighted to play our part in Turning Tonbridge Pink today.”

Pink Day is one of several charitable events that boys are involved in throughout the year. Others include the ‘sleep out’ in aid of the charity Porchlight, music concerts for senior citizens, events to support Child Action Lanka, and the Whole School Community Day, in which boys work on a range of local projects.

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