School’s containers arrive in Batticaloa

Two 40 foot containers full to the brim with donated equipment have completed their journey from Tonbridge School to Sri Lanka.

The equipment, including furniture, classroom materials, clothing, sports goods, musical instruments and bicycles was donated by the school’s staff, students, parents and friends to the Child Action Lanka Education Centre being set up in Batticaloa, on the east coast of the island.  

Juliet Burnett, the school’s Community Action Manager, said: “The safe arrival of the containers was no mean feat for those on the ground. Following the devastating attacks on Easter Sunday there are still night curfews, and moving the large crane needed to offload the containers in Batticaloa was challenging.”  

She added: “Building work has already started on the newly purchased land, and we are all looking forward to see how this exciting project progresses. We are exactly halfway towards raising £95,000. This is the ambitious sum needed to build this pre-school and education centre so needed by this community in Batticaloa, which was badly affected in the attacks.”  

The school has strong links with Child Action Lanka and has sent more than 120 Tonbridge boys to bases across the island since 2014. The charity works to assist and transform the lives of over 1,500 disadvantaged children across the country. 

Many have already donated to the Batticaloa Education Centre Appeal, but if you can support please visit the school’s Just Giving page. 

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